A Comprehensive Guide on How to Contact Facebook for Account Issues

Having issues with your Facebook account can be frustrating, but rest assured, there are several ways to contact Facebook to resolve them. This guide provides easy-to-follow steps for contacting Facebook’s support services.

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Accessing Facebook Support

Log into your Facebook account: The initial step is to log into your Facebook account.

Navigate to the Help & Support section: Look at the top right corner of the screen on the desktop site. There, you will find a downward-facing arrow. Click it and select ‘Help & Support’ from the dropdown menu.

In this section, you can find three options:


Facebook Help and Support


Facebook Help and Support Menu

Help Centre Explained:

Use this to search for common issues other users may have found solutions. If you have been hacked or lost access to your page, search the help centre to see if other users have experienced this and how the resolved the issue. If you can’t find what you are looking for, there should be an option to get in touch. It may be hidden away, because as you can guess, Facebook loves to hide their contact features. This will be your best bet, try to find something that looks like the below to get in touch with them.

Support Inbox Explained:

Sadly, you can’t click this function and speak directly to someone at Facebook. However, if you click on support inbox, it will open up an inbox and down the left side will be several options for you get help with your account issues.

This is also where you would check to see if anyone has updated your open case with Facebook. You should get a notification once there is a reply in the support inbox.

Report a Problem Explained:

This function is used to report an issue on Facebook such as someone spamming, being hateful or a function they have on Facebook that isn’t working. 

If Your Page Has Been Taken Down

If your page has been taken down and you can’t appeal the decision or you have appealed the decision but have not got an answer for a number of weeks now, click this link to go to their help article.

There is a section within the article that allows you contact Facebook, click this link to contact Facebook and see if you can speak to someone this way



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