What Are Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged between purchases. It can also be anything in between.

Email Marketing Remains Relevant In the age of social media, it’s tempting to write off email. However, there is statistical evidence that it remains an important aspect of marketing efforts.

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How Email Marketing Works

There are a few ways to set up and track an email marketing campaign, which makes it accessible for small businesses. A great way for you to get people to sign up is via a newsletter sign-up option on your website.

As people sign up, you can send newsletters to a growing audience. You can also direct customers to the newsletter from your social media profiles.

Why email marketing is important

While other digital marketing strategies are evolving, one question keeps popping up:

“Is email marketing still important?”

Yes. A strong email marketing strategy can help you connect with your target audience and increase sales. Email marketing tools allow your business to reach customers in a way that is easier than ever, just as media platforms have changed.

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Top 9 reasons why email marketing is so important:

Keep in touch with your audience

It is easy to keep your customers informed by email. Customers can check their emails whenever it suits them. This can give the impression that you care about them. It can be as simple to say, "Hi, we're on your mind, here's a special offer!" Or "Here's an update on what has happened in the past weeks." Or "Did you see the new blog post?" All those who have signed up for your email list have made a promise to receive these emails. Your customers will enjoy these emails, provided you provide something they enjoy reading.

Real-time communication with customers

54% of all email openings are done on a mobile device. This is a significant statistic that should be considered when developing any marketing strategy. Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access email and other media. Not only this, but well-designed emails have higher conversions on mobile devices than any other medium.

People respond to emails

The email has been used for communication for over 40 years. An email has quickly become one of the main channels of communication as we move through the years. All of us have been taught to respond to emails in some way. It doesn't matter if you want to reply, forward or click through to another embedded in the email. You can also buy or sign up. An email is a common tool we use to accomplish something. Email can be used to drive people to your site, or to get them to call you. Email marketing was responsible for more than 25% of all sales last year.

Email marketing is simple to measure

Many email marketing tools allow you to track what happens after your email campaign has been sent. Track delivery rates, bounces, unsubscribe and click-through rates as well as open rates. This will give you an insight into how your email campaigns work and help you decide which ones to improve or drop. These metrics shouldn't be overlooked. These metrics are an integral part of any internet marketing campaign. There are many studies and surveys out there that can help you determine the "optimal" number to target. However, this all depends on your industry as well as your target audience. You must provide your customers with daily emails if they want and expect them to. Sending too many emails to customers who don't need them every week will result in a higher unsubscribe rate. It all comes down to getting to know your customers and providing valuable content.

It's also affordable

It is possible to reach many people for a fraction of the cost per message. Email marketing is very cost-effective. It is possible to get a substantial ROI from email marketing, but it may be wise to hire us to manage your efforts. The email campaign would take your company around 152 hours each year to manage. This includes writing, scheduling, sending, and editing emails. This includes adding or deleting members and updating information.

Targeted messaging is possible

Let's now talk about email marketing in lead nurturing. Sometimes referred to as email lead marketing. This is because your potential customers may be at different stages in the buying process. While some may be in the consideration phase, others might be at the research stage and comparing, while others could be in the ready-to-buy stage. The creation of buyer personas will help determine the type of content you should create for each stage. Businesses can target these customers more effectively by segmenting them into the right email marketing lists. Customers require the information they need to move to the next stage of their buying process. The right content can help them do that. This is all about getting these prospects to the next stage of their buying cycle.

Brand awareness can be increased

Social media isn't the only way to increase brand awareness for a company. One thing is certain when a prospect or customer gives you their email address, it means that they are interested in your business. Email marketing allows you to increase brand awareness and interest by staying at the top of your mind. It doesn't have to be four emails per day sent to every customer. This is a great way for customers to hate you. Instead, use email marketing to promote your involvement in the local community. Many companies attempt to sell, buy, and then sell their products through email marketing. They completely neglect the brand awareness factor. They are also preventing the possibility of building customer trust and giving their brand a personality.

It is timely

Talking about sell, buy, sell... Email marketing can help you sell products if you approach them correctly. It is important to collect all information and customer data. It's much better to send customers a special deal on their birthday or let them know that their favourite dish is half-off. You can also use this email marketing strategy to promote seasonal sales or holiday specials. Customers are more likely to buy when there is a deadline for an offer.

Everyone (almost) uses email

Hubspot surveys show that email is used by 91% of consumers. This alone should convince you to try the tool. Email is a great way to reach customers unless your industry makes up the rest of the 9%. You can offer discounts, specials, and other information to your customers via email. They can also share those emails and forward them to anyone they wish. Encourage customers to share offers whenever possible. This is a great email marketing strategy. Keep in mind brand awareness. Email is a very important medium in B2B communication. It accounts for 73% of all businesses' primary means of communication.

Major Benefits of email marketing campaigns

The two biggest advantages of email marketing are:

Compared to other types of marketing, emailing is an inexpensive way to advertise your company and its products or services. Email marketing has a very small overhead for sending thousands of emails at a time, compared to the costs you’d expect to pay using other marketing channels.

A regular newsletter is a simple and effective way to send updates about your company, upcoming events, and special offers.

Email Automation

Once you’ve got the hang of things, automate your email marketing strategy to make your business grow even faster.

Autoresponders are the simplest form of email automation.

Autoresponders send an automatic personalised email (or email series) at different stages of the buyer journey. You get to follow up with subscribers without having to be physically present to hit send.

The welcome email is the most common autoresponder example, and is extremely popular with new subscribers.

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Email Service Providers

Users can send email campaigns to a list of subscribers using an email service provider (ESP).

Email service providers are technology companies that help people build email lists and send promotional emails easily. As email marketing has grown in popularity, more email service providers have emerged to provide differentiated services.

An ESP must do two things at the most basic level: store email addresses and send emails.

Marketing platforms can also provide email templates and methods for handling new subscribers.

How to choose an email service provider

An email service provider (ESP), also known as an email marketing platform, is software that helps manage your email list. It also helps design and execute automated email campaigns. Using an ESP also allows you to create automatic triggers when your audience completes specific actions.

With hundreds of ESPs on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for your business. Some of the most popular options include Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Klaviyo, Mailjet, Mailerlite, GetResponse, and HubSpot.

Research all of them and find which email marketers a-line with your business needs.

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Email Marketing Strategies

Effective email marketing takes effort.

When done correctly, it can create strong brand relationships. Consumers feel connected to companies that execute their email marketing strategies well because email allows for a targeted approach.

They commonly seek to achieve one or more of three primary objectives:

The term usually refers to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing a merchant’s relationship with current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty.

Email Personalization and Customer Loyalty

People generally appreciate it when brands add personal touches and pay attention to small details. Making us feel valued and understood as a customer – a little effort goes a long way. This rings true for email marketing, too. Email personalization is essential to building relationships with prospects and customers.

A restaurant, for instance, might send an email to customers on their birthdays offering 50% off an entree. This kind of personalisation helps a business develop and maintain a relationship with a customer—and that can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Plus, personalized subject lines can increase open rates and click through rates.

Effective email marketing campaign

Most email is read on a mobile device, so keep your copy concise and to the point. Direct users to a blog post or landing page if you need to share a tonnene of information. Include CTAs at the Top and Bottom

Guidelines for Creating Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

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Even more than subject lines, call to action, and copy, email marketing success hinges on reliable email deliverability.

It is vital for email marketers that email deliverability succeeds. This is the ability to deliver an email to the inbox and not the spam folder.

When all goes according to plan, the email makes it past the spam filters and arrives at its destination. When deliverability is compromised, the email lands in the spam folder or, worse, your sender’s IP is blocklisted by the ISP.

The reports section of your email marketing tool is the place to go to understand your campaign performance. Use this email marketing tool to gather data and find out how to adjust your email marketing campaigns to suit your target audience for future campaigns.

Why Choose Zero Three Digital for Your Email Marketing Services

If you are looking for an email marketing agency, you want an agency that can do more than the minimum. You want a company that can help your brand across all major strategies, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more.

Businesses that decide to hire email marketing experts can save time and money by getting a company that can handle it all at once.

It’s easier for you and more effective to get an agency that can coordinate branding, brand language, design, and content across all of your platforms than it is to coordinate with tonnes of 3rd parties.

High-Quality content, email, search optimization, and paid ads need to work together to get the best traction across each and every one.

Hiring one digital marketing company is definitely better than paying multiple monthly fees to different companies. Hiring an email marketing agency that has a focus on SEO can help businesses succeed further.

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising on search engines are two of the most successful traffic-driving marketing strategies available, and with as much as 53% of all internet traffic coming through search engines, they are effective methods of building brand recognition and capturing customers at the top of the internet sales funnel.

Hiring an expert email marketing service can coordinate campaigns with key “top-of-the-funnel” strategies like this to gain even more ROI out of these audiences later in the funnel.

Ready to get started with email marketing?

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List segmentation is dividing your list of subscribers into smaller sub-lists with common traits. The idea behind this technique is to engage subscribers with more relevant, targeted emails.

Buying a list will put your business at risk. Sending unsolicited emails and storing data in your CRM without consent is illegal per GDPR and CAN-SPAM. Those email receivers are more likely to mark unsolicited emails as spam. Which will damage your email sender reputation and potentially cause you to end up on the email marketing block list.

A great example of marketing automation is sending out surveys to gather feedback on products, services, and updates. These are usually sent out in response to events such as purchases or programmes, site, or product updates.

After you’ve created an ebook, there are three steps you must take to automatically send it to your email subscribers:
Upload your ebook to a web server.
Create an opt-in form to collect subscribers’ email addresses.
Send your ebook to your subscribers.

The email preheader (or preview text) is the snippet of text that appears after the email subject line for certain email clients, particularly on mobile devices.